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Peru Travel

Deep in the Andes Mountains tourists would find the ruins of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu 8,000 feet above sea level. We provide the best Machu Picchu tours and an authentic experience during your Peru travel. As with any South American country, Peru requires experienced Peru travel professionals to provide the best reliable Peru travel logistics at each location and arriving to other travel destinations.

Safe Peru Tours

Peru is as relatively safe as any other tours location. The benefit of private Peru Tours is the extra attention and personal service to ensure a safe experience. We mitigate putting our tourists at risk to ensure a safe Peru tour to prevent theft, sickness, loss of time, unfortunate weather, language barriers, and mismanaged travel logistics. A tour guide is with each private Peru tour group, whereas large group tours lack to personal attention required for international visitors. Solstice Tours does not charge hidden fees nor other miscellaneous fees to tourists as do other Peru Tour companies.

Discounted Peru Tour Packages

Our agency includes Peru hotels, airport transportation, Peru tour guides, Machu Picchu Tickets, and other entrance fees. We provide the lowest combined Peru tour packages with personal service. Although it is widely believed that buying Peru tours, Peru hotels, and domestics transportation would save money - it is not always possible, especially in Peru. Peru Tour packages are discounted due to the connection Solstice Tours has with local Peru hotels. So what is not included in our Peru tour packages? Due to various preferences of tourists' visit to Peru, Solstice Tours does not cover air travel nor insurance of any kind.